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We service most home warranties

Time – Warranty companies are to provide service within a reasonable time period. During extreme peak demand this may not be as timely as you want because the manpower simply does not exist to address those few peak periods. However, warranty companies will exhaust all efforts to meet your needs.

Trade-Call-Fee – A trade-call-fee (deductible) will usually be due for each service call and we will collect this fee for your warranty company when our technician arrives at your home, not after completion of the service

Repairs – Every attempt will be made to repair your system on the first trip. However, parts may have to be ordered or in some cases your warranty company may provide the part(s) or equipment and may ship directly to us. We will not be able to complete the repairs until parts are received.

Authorization – In some cases repairs may require authorization by your warranty company. We will not be able to complete repairs until this authorization is received.

Denials – Any unusual conditions must be reported to your warranty company for consideration. Certain repairs may be denied if caused by lack of maintenance, code violations, improper installation or other reasons. Please refer to your warranty contract.

Non-covered charges – Certain services may not be covered by your warranty company referred to as “non-covered charges”. This includes, if necessary, refrigerant recovery and disposal as required by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Haul away and disposal of units/parts containing residual refrigerant, sheet metal transitions, unit stands, electric, gas and other upgrades, crane charges, and other services that may be excluded. This will usually apply for compressor, coil, and reversing valve replacement, leak repairs, unit replacements, and other certain repairs/replacements. Warranty contracts vary so please refer to your specific warranty contract for details.

Maintenance – Warranty companies do not pay for maintenance. You are obligated to maintain your system by a licensed contractor on a regular basis. If you fail to maintain the system properly, you may be denied coverage when the equipment breaks down.